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i think this may be the one...

my boyfriend i mean...i think he may be the one that i actually stay with as much as i hate his eating habits or lack there of...i think he may be the one i stay with for a very long time. i don't know but but everytime i'm with him i just feel happy and whole and i just feel so so so so happy with him.

i mean come on we even talked about us having our own place and having our own puppies. me a fawn coloured french bulldog named jasper (i mentioned him in an old post) and him having a black pug named zero (i.e. nightmare before christmas) but yeah i could really see me being with this guy for a very long time.

its been a 8 months almost but i just feel happy with him...and he's totally a 180 from my ex-bf. i mean if i go to san fran vy myself he's says :"have fun" not "where are you going"

i honestly do think i love him. i know this is corny but its what i think and well believe.
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