Ariel (daria169) wrote,

well it hasn;t even been that long and so much as happend...

well first off i'm tired of trying to go after a guy thay says he likes me but won't do anything about it.

ok lets see...
new years eve went to work than forever 21 than home. had much fun new years eve. i met ruth, camilla, jasen, rodney, robert and jess finally. but yeah very cool people.

new years day got home around 11am post pictures online than fell asleep and woke up 8 hours later and it was still new years day. so got up for a bit don't remember what i did. than went back to sleep for about an hour. woke up went to work. friday night went to party at ruth's house. first jasen got sick than i got sick in the process of me trying to get him to feel better. at one point when we were both semi-recovered we helped our friend rodney who was sick as dog. than worked that saturday and i was dead tired. ...ok i'm getting tired typing this. one last thing customer maybe out and a new guy maybe in his place. hahaha this one i actually talk to everyday and a whole day through text. and he's super sweet and cute.
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