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once a month i guess...

on me posting an update...lets see what has gone on.
i went to fanimecon...its like comic con for japanese animation. saw some people i knew. saw some really cool costumes and some really fucked up hentai(hentai is anime porn) all in all it was fun. my boyfriend dressed up as ichigo from bleach...

he's the one being straddled...

thats me with him.

also at fanime i met the guy who does pon and zi.
here's pon and zi.

ok...the next weekend i did my 24 hour relay. i walked a total 19 miles in 17 hours. and omg i hurt so much after that. in total our team raised at least 820 dollars for the american cancer society.

other than that not much has gone on...thats right i forgot.
i was hit with credit fraud last month around the 13th. some ass charged 213 to my card and i only had 40 in my account. so yeah i've been cardless...practically bankless for the past month. and well not moneyless cause i've had to cash out my paychecks. which sucks. cause i do not want to carry that much money on me. so yeah. everyday i am praying for a windfall. and for that person who screwed me over to die a horrible and painful death. but mianly for a windfall. cause lord knows i deserve it. and well in need of it. my mom had to pay my netflix for me. of course i gave her money to do it.

other than the lifes been ok. co workers suck ass. but i'm not getting into that. otherwise i'll be here all night. love lifes good. no complaints on my part. physically, emotionally, mentally its practically perfect. my only vice is he's frickin picky when it comes to food. but thats all.

ok thats all for now.
later kiddies.
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