Ariel (daria169) wrote,

if i could....

i would severely thank my vice principal at my old high school...
why because she fought to let me do a presentation that let me get the credit i deserved.

unfortunately i can't remember her name right now...but what she did for i will get in full explanation right now.

lets see if i can remember all the detail since they happend over 7 years ago...
this is all i can remember from this day
day starts out as any other day...
i'm in my career decisions class and im not allowed to do my presentation because of the shoes i'm wearing...i'm wearing thongs aka flip-flops.
my teacher says i'm not allowed to do it...and send me to the vice principal...i go there she understands the situations tells me to go the gym to one of the pe teachers luckily its a teacher thats likes me and he's willing to help me out. he find me a pair of tennis shoes i got back to the class do my presentation and pass the class with a b unfortunately...but honestly if it wasnt for my vp and the pe teacher(who i gave a peace of my cheesecake to early in the year. and actually got on his good side) i would have never passed.

may i tell you...without a passing grade from my "career decisions" class i would have nevere graduated.

....on a side is great in relationship land ugh...but hey i'm getting yeah thats all from me.

laters kiddies
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