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i just learned this new and interesting word today.

anglophile-persons fond of british culture and united kingdom in general...

i'm sure i could become one...but i don't think i am one...
so key things that could make me seem like i am or on the verge.

-i love the show "skins"
-I think graham norton is hilarious
-one of my favourite tv series is "coupling"
-I say "bollocks" "bugger"
-i spell "flavours" "colour" "favourite" with a "u"
-I love jelly babies...and will go out of my way *cough cough* british specialty shops to get them.
-I recently bought bangers...not sure if i'll eat them with mashers yet. (bangers-sausage, mashers- mashed potatoes.)

I know the difference between a cockney. london. and birmingham accent sounds like.

oh i know the difference between...english, irish, welsh and scottish accents.

so yeah not an anglophile but i'm sure i wanted i could probably work at becoming one. haha
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