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i'm in love with my boyfriend....

like truly madly deeply to the ends of the earth in love.

with him i feel beautiful. i even told him that this morning after we had made love. i told him thank you. cause i look at myself in the mirror now i just want to cry...i gained 20 lbs and its SUCKS! majorly. but when i'm lying with him in bed i dont feel self conscious of my body and i love him so much for that cause he makes me feel fuckin' awesome.

and i can tell he looks at me with no disgust because of his eyes. i call him my pillow. my kitty. my french baguette. my stinky. but i can honestly say that if he ever asked me to be his wife. i would....of course theres stuff we need to fix our financial/living situations. but other than that its frickin' awesome.

sorry i sound all mushy...its amazing he's only my second boyfriend and we've only been together a year but i feel like i could and would be able to spend the rest of my life with him.

other than sucks. my hours suck. i MISS OPENING at my work more. but yeah maybe that will all change when i start work again. MAYBE being the keyword there.

oh my boyfriend went to los angeles this week and was so excited cause his hotel was down the street from robeks (our favorite smoothie place) they used to have one here in fremont but its gone which SUCKS major balls. cause they have soy...and at jamba juice i can get maybe one smoothie drink and that its. but with robeks i can get ANY drink non-dairy...but anyways i told him keep your eyes peeled you may even see a coffee bean and tea leaf...than i said see this is why we NEED to move to L.A., he joked sure in a couple years...which is quite funny cause after that i told him that my best-friend and her gf we're gonna move back down south in a couple years bff gf family lives in so maybe in the future i will be an la chick...hahahahahaah...ok not that la. but i'll still be me but in a different setting.

ok enough of my yeah thats my life so far...and hopefully i'll remember to update more often...maybe.
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